NCERT Books For Class 6

Apart from NCERT books for class 6, selecting effective study material, following the correct routine and maintaining a positive attitude are major aspects of scoring well in CBSE exams for class 6 along with any other competitive exams. Some students get confused in deciding the right source among the abundant study materials that are available in the market.

Byju’s brings you a free download of NCERT textbooks for CBSE class 6 students that include NCERT science book class 6 and ncert solutions for class 6 along with NCERT solutions for class 6 science.

Now you can refer complete online textbooks for Science and Mathematics along with all the exercise questions along with solutions. The book provides the specific explanation of every concept of all the units under CBSE syllabus and does not include any unwanted topics that do not belong to the latest syllabus for class 6.

The time when students had limited options of choice for NCERT books wherein they need to go to the bookstore to buy the books but here at Byju’s, you can download the complete pdf of NCERT books for class 6 science. If students are finding it hard to search for NCERT Books online, then this is the right place as we have got all the textbooks of NCERT from class 6 to class 12. These books are available on our website for free download along with NCERT Solutions and Exemplar solutions.

Download NCERT Books for Class 6 Maths & Science in Pdf Format

NCERT Maths book class 6

NCERT Books for Class 6 Maths

The NCERT math book covers the following Units under the CBSE curriculum.

UNIT 1 Knowing your numbers
UNIT 2 Whole numbers
UNIT 3 Playing with numbers
UNIT 4 Basic Geometrical Ideas
UNIT 5 Understanding Elementary Shapes
UNIT 6 Integers
UNIT 7 Fractions
UNIT 8 Decimals
UNIT 9 Data Handling
UNIT 10 Mensuration
UNIT 11 Algebra
UNIT 12 Ratio and Proportion
UNIT 13 Symmetry
UNIT 14 Practical Geometry

NCERT Science book class 6

The NCERT Science book covers the following Units under the CBSE curriculum.

NCERT Books for Class 6 Science

UNIT 1 Food – Where does it come from
UNIT 2 Components of food
UNIT 3 Fibre to fabric
UNIT 4 Sorting materials into groups
UNIT 5 Separation and substances
UNIT 6 Changes around us
UNIT 7 Getting to know planets
UNIT 8 Body movements
UNIT 9 The living organisms and their surroundings
UNIT 10 Motion and measurement of distances
UNIT 11 Light shadows and reflection
UNIT 12 Electricity and circuits
UNIT 13 Fun with magnets
UNIT 14 Water
UNIT 15 Air around us
UNIT 16 Garbage in Garbage out