NCERT Question Papers For Class 11

The NCERT Question papers for class 11 can be found here for free. We have compiled all the question papers from 2011-2015 which are available as a PDF, for easy offline viewing. You can find the different question papers for different subjects such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology available in the tabular column below.

Students who are eagerly preparing to write their main class 11 examinations, can simply refer through these question papers which are an excellent resource. These question papers are written in accordance with the latest NCERT Syllabus For Class 11. Students who face difficulties in learning these subjects can simply practice through these question papers to gain knowledge and the necessary confidence in writing their main examinations.

Advantages of practicing through the question papers are:

  • Understanding the exam paper pattern and the different types of questions, that may appear in the examinations.
  • Knowing about the marking scheme for the different questions that may appear in the exam paper
  • Learning about the most frequently asked questions that may appear in the final examinations.

Check out the free NCERT Question Papers For Class 11 from the tabular column below: