Ncert Solutions For Class 7 Maths Ex 3.3

Ncert Solutions For Class 7 Maths Chapter 3 Ex 3.3

Q1. Make use of the given bar graph to answer the questions below:


(a) Which is the least popular pet?

(b) How many students own hamsters?


(a) Rabbits are the least popular pet.

(b) 5 students own hamsters .
Q2.Study the bar graph which represents the number of books sold by a store in 5 years. Then answer the given questions.


(i) How many books were sold in 1993, 1991 and 1989?

(ii) In which years were approximately 225 and 475 books sold?

(iii) In which year was the least amount of books sold?

(iv) Explain how you estimated the number of books sold in 1991.



(i) Number of books sold in : 1993 = 600, 1991 = 300 and 1989 =180.

(ii) Approximately 225 book were sold in the year  1992 and 475 books were sold in 1990.

(iii) In 1989 the least amount of books were sold.

(iv) By studying the graph we can see that in 1991 300 books were sold.


Q3. Given below is a data of the number of children in six different classes. Represent the data on a bar graph.

Class Fifth Sixth Seventh Eighth Ninth Tenth
No. of children 135 120 95 100 90 80

(a) How  is the scale chosen ?

(b) Which classes have the largest and the smallest number of children?

(c) Calculate  the ratio of class ten to class six.



(a) Scale : 1unit = 25 children.

(b) Class 5 have the largest number of students, while class 10 has the smallest number of students.

(c) Ratio = (No. of class 10 students)/ (no. of class 6 students)

                     = 100/120 = 5/6


Question 4:

The performance of a student in two terms is given. Draw a double bar graph by choosing appropriate scale and answer the following question:

Subject English Hindi Maths Science S. Science
1st term (M.M. = 100 ) 67 72 88 81 73
2nd term (M.M. = 100) 70 65 95 85 75

a) In which subject, the child improved his performance the most?

b) In which subject, the child’s improvement is least?

c) Has the performance gone down in any subject?


The given data is represented in a bar graph:


Difference of marks of first term and second term

English = 3

Hindi = -7

Maths = 7

Science = 4

  1. Science = 2
  2. a) Maths.
  3. b) S. Science.
  4. c) Yes, Hindi.


Question 5:

A survey of a colony was done. The data are as following:

Favourite Sport Cricket Basket Ball Swimming Hockey Athletics
Watching 1240 470 510 423 250
Participating 620 320 320 250 105

a) Draw a double bar graph choosing an appropriate scale. What do you get from the bar graph?

b) Which sport is most popular?

c) Which is more preferred, watching or participating in sports?


The given data is represented in a bar graph:


a) The bar graph represents the number of persons who are watching and participating in their favourite sports.

b) Cricket is more popular.

c) Watching sports is more preferred.


Question 6:

Minimum and maximum temperatures of various cities are calculated. The data are as following:

City Ahmedabad Amritsar Bangalore Chennai Delhi Jaipur Jammu Mumbai
Max. 38oC 37oC 28oC 36oC 38oC 39oC 41oC 32oC
Min. 29oC 26oC 21oC 27oC 28oC 29oC 26oC 27oC

Plot a double bar graph using the date and answer the following:

a) Which city has the largest difference in the minimum and maximum temperature?

b) Which are the hottest city and the coldest city?

c) Name two cities where maximum temperature of one was less than the minimum temperature of the order.

d) Name the city which has the least difference between its minimum and the maximum temperature.


The given data is represented in a bar graph:


a) Jammu has the largest difference in temperature i.e.,

Maximum temperature = 41oC and

Minimum temperature = 26oC.

Difference = 41oC – 26oC = 15oC

b) Jammu is the hottest city due to maximum temperature is high and Bangalore is the coldest city due to maximum temperature is low.

c) Maximum temperature of Bangalore is 28oC

Minimum temperature of two cities whose minimum temperature is higher than the maximum temperature of Bangalore are Ahmedabad and Jaipur where the minimum temperature is 29oC

d) Mumbai has the least difference in temperature i.e.,

Maximum temperature = 32oC and

Minimum temperature = 27oC

Difference = 32oC – 27oC = 5oC


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