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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology

Byju’s provides you NCERT solutions for class 11 biology which can prove to be an essential resource in preparation for class 11 biology exam. The solution series includes solutions along with sample papers and mock tests which can help students to perform well and build a strong platform form for upcoming class 12 preparation. Now access to ncert solutions for class 11 biology chapter 1 along with for every unit, ncert notes for class 11 and download pdf files with ease.

The solutions are prepared by experts and provide step-by-step explanations. You can find solutions to all the exercise questions after every chapter and unit. NCERT books are believed to have a hold over every concept for the exams conducted by CBSE and class 11 is a preparation for the final and most crucial class 12 board exam. Now get answers to every questions for Class 11 subjects and enjoy learning.

Download Chapter wise Solutions For CBSE Class 11 Biology

Chapter-1: The Living World

Chapter-2: Biological Classification

Chapter-3: Plant Kingdom

Chapter-4: Animal Kingdom

Chapter-5: Morphology of Flowering Plants

Chapter-6: Anatomy of Flowering Plants

Chapter-7: Structural Organisation in Animals

Chapter-8: Cell-The Unit of Life

Chapter-9: Biomolecules

Chapter-10: Cell Cycle and Cell Division

Chapter-11: Transport in Plants

Chapter-12: Mineral Nutrition

Chapter-13: Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

Chapter-14: Respiration in Plants

Chapter-15: Plant – Growth and Development

Chapter-16: Digestion and Absorption

Chapter-17: Breathing and Exchange of Gases

Chapter-18: Body Fluids and Circulation Human Physiology (B)

Chapter-19: Excretory Products and Their Elimination

Chapter-20: Locomotion and Movement

Chapter-21: Neural Control and Coordination

Chapter-22: Chemical Coordination and Integration

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