NCERT Biology Class 11

The National Council of Education Research and Training or NCERT frames the syllabus and publishes NCERT books which are followed by most CBSE affiliated schools in India. Apart from publishing books and framing syllabus, NCERT also conducts and facilitates research and offers training. The Central Board of Secondary education i.e. CBSE prescribes the NCERT books which are being followed widely. NCERT biology class 11 introduces several important topics like biological classification, plant and animal kingdom, anatomy of flowering plants, etc.

NCERT Biology Class 11 Textbook

NCERT frames the textbooks in a thoughtful way and introduces the topics in a way that can help the students to understand biology topics in an effective and engaging way. Visit the link given below to download NCERT biology class 11 textbook.

NCERT Biology Class 11 Solutions

In class 11 NCERT biology book, several practice questions are included in each chapter. These questions are extremely important as it helps the students to analyze their level of understanding and get thorough with the fundamentals in the respective chapters. The solutions for NCERT class 11 biology can be checked from the below-given link.

The chapters in class 11 biology are extremely crucial as the concepts are required in several higher-level topics later. For medical aspirants, biology is extremely important as it is an integral part of most medical entrance tests like NEET. So, it is important for the class 11 students to get completely acquainted with the topics in NCERT class 11 biology textbook.

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