NCERT Exemplar Chemistry Class 11

NCERT exemplar chemistry class 11 are one of the best study materials to prepare for your upcoming chemistry examinations and for the competitive exams like JEE and NEET. In class 11, many new topics are added which are necessary to understand the concepts which will be taught in class 12. These exemplar questions are made in such a way that students can get an idea of the types of questions which are asked in the examinations.

To score good marks in the examination one must solve lots of problems as solving various types of questions of varying difficulty levels make a student a versatile problems solver. The NCERT class chemistry exemplar solutions and books for class 11 can be checked from the links given below.

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Practise This Question

In each of the following question, an Assertion (A) is followed by a corresponding Reason (R). Use the following keys to choose the appropriate answer: 

Assertion (A): There is a natural asymmetry between converting work to heat and converting heat to work. 
Reason (R): No process is possible in which the sole result is the absorption of heat from a reservoir and its complete conversion into work.