NCERT Exemplar Science

NCERT Exemplar Science is essentially a set of practice materials which consists of extra questions that are comparatively more difficult than the ones in the textbook. Solving these questions will help students to understand concepts in greater detail.

Just reading a chapter you will fetch you superficial knowledge. To know more about the chapter as well as to score good marks in the examination, one must solve various kind of problems and of various difficulty levels.

NCERT Science Exemplars are designed in such a way that students can get an idea of the different types of questions. It is recommended to solve NCERT exemplar questions just after you read a chapter. Doing so will help you to retain the concepts for a much longer period.

To help the students to score good marks in examination we have provided NCERT science Exemplar for class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Visit the below links to download and practice science exemplar questions

Practice is the crucial tool needed for perfection. NCERT Exemplar Science is the tool that provides students with an opportunity to excel in their exams. It consists of questions that are comparatively harder to solve than the average textbook questions.

Exemplar promotes a deeper understanding and grants a detailed insight into the concepts and their applications. This translates to better performance in the exam as the students are able to recall information with higher accuracy and ease.

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