NCERT Physics Class 12

NCERT Physics Class 12 is very much important because in class 12 many new topics are introduced like electric charges and fields, electrostatic potential and capacitance, Alternating Current, Optics – Ray Optics and Wave Optics, Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter and Atoms.

Understanding these topics are very much important because in class 12 annual examination most the questions are asked from these chapters. To learn and understand these chapters one must read the NCERT Class 12 physics textbook thoroughly.

NCERT Physics Class 12 Textbook:

It is advised to read NCERT class 12 physics textbook thoroughly so that one can understand the topics before solving the questions from the textbook. It is also recommended to NCERT Physics Class 12 Textbook prior reading to reference books.

Along with class 12 physics solutions and textbooks, we have also provided CBSE class 12 notes so that students can go through these notes while they are revising the chapters for their upcoming examinations.

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