Does C4 Photosynthesis Occur at Night?

No, C4 photosynthesis does not occur at night. The difference between C3 and C4 pathways is the initial step of carbon fixation. In the C4 pathway, CO2 is first fixed in the mesophyll cells to 4 carbon organic acid, i.e. oxaloacetic acid and the process is catalysed by PEP carboxylase. The oxaloacetate further gets reduced to malate and then diffuses to a bundle sheath cell where CO2 is released and then accepted by RUBP in the Calvin cycle. The reaction is catalysed by the enzyme RuBisCO. RuBisCO has an affinity for both oxygen and carbon dioxide. The higher concentration of CO2 in the bundle sheath cell considerably reduces the rate of photorespiration.

C4 Cycle

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