The condition for erythroblastosis foetalis to occur is

1) Rh -ve mother and Rh +ve baby

2) Rh -ve mother and Rh -ve baby

3) Rh +ve mother and Rh -ve baby

4) Rh +ve mother and Rh +ve baby

Answer:1) Rh -ve mother and Rh +ve baby

Explanation: Erythroblastosis foetalis results from Rh incompatibility, which may develop if a woman with Rh -ve blood conceives a foetus with Rh +ve blood. At the time of delivery, some blood cells of the baby usually enter the mother’s bloodstream. Mother’s immune system will produce antibodies against Rh antigen, which can attack the foetal RBCs having the Rh factor during the next pregnancy.

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