What Are The Maturation And Capacitation Sperm Requirements?

In order for fertilization to occur a viable ovum and a fertile sperm must unite. There are three main requirements for a sperm cell to fulfil before it can be called fertile. They are –

  • Maturation
  • Capacitation
  • Acrosome reaction

Maturation – sperms experience a duration of maturation in which their swimming capability develops. It occurs when sperms pass through the epididymis. It can last for 10-15 days involving the elimination of the cytoplasmic droplet.

Capacitation – it is the capacity of sperm to fertilize the ova. It is acquired by the residence of sperms in the uterine cavity and the oviducts. Changes occurring in this process are –

  • In the cervix, seminal plasma is removed
  • Uterine secretions cause the removal of cell surface
  • In the oviducts, glycosaminoglycans and cholesterol are removed

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