What Is SCP? Write About Advantages Of SCP?

Single cell protein is a protein obtained from a culture of single-celled entities, specifically used as a food supplement. These edible proteins are produced on a large scale through microbes for human and animal nutrition.

Proteins are derived from dried cells of microbes such as yeasts, bacterial, algae and fungi who in turn utilize different feedstocks or wastes as their prime carbon source for them to grow and synthesize amino acids and protein concentrate.

Advantages of SCP (Single cell protein):

  • Its production is not based on climatic factors
  • Microbes have a high rate of multiplication, hence a large quantity of biomass can be produced in a relatively shorter span of time
  • In the form of a substrate, a variety of raw materials can be used, which helps reduce pollutants
  • In order to change the amino acid composition, microbes can be genetically modified easily

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