Creeper Plants vs. Climber plants

Both creepers and climber plants look similar but have differences. While creeper plants grow on the ground, climbing plants can grow vertically. The creeper plants give rise to roots on the stems. They have weaker stems compared to climbers. Climbers can have weaker stems but are stronger compared to creepers. Additionally, it also gives rise to small roots, which also gives rise to new shoots. But, it still depends on the primary root which is planted to the ground, while the smaller roots are typically to get a hold of surfaces.

Important Differences – Creeper Plants and Climber plants

The climbers and creepers both are weak-stemmed plants, and as a result, fail to grow erect in the absence of any support. The main difference between them is that creepers grow along with the soil horizontally, while climbers can grow vertically.

They produce fibre-like roots at nodal areas which arise from the stem’s base that gets fixed and further grows. This stem is referred to as the prostrate stem. To climb, climbers need the assistance of an object, while some of these spirally twine simply around any supporting plant, some others give rise to hooks and special roots for climbing.

Creeper plants

  • They creep along with the soil and possess thin, weak and long stems
  • Require support of other plants, seeks by extended branches
  • Stems are delicate and cannot support their own weight, hence cannot stand erectly
  • Some examples are – Watermelon, Pumpkin, Sweet potato, Money plant and so on

Climber plants

  • These plants show long, thin and weak stems which again cannot stand erect. It requires external assistance to vertically climb and carry its weight. It does so with the help of tendrils, special structures
  • These plants can grow by twining up through the spread over support (climbing rose), slender support (hop), adventitious aerial roots (English poison), and hook-tipped leaves (Rattan)
  • These plants absorb sunlight by climbing through vertical structures such as ropes, walls, trees or fences. The tendrils and suckers twine around this support and expand
  • Some examples are Bitter Gourd, Pea, Grapevine and so on

Key Differences between Creeper Plants and Climber Plants

The table below depicts the differences between Creeper plants and Climber plants.

Creeper Plants

Climber Plants

What are they?

They creep along with the soil, growing horizontally

As the name suggests, these plants can climb up through assistance from objects


Horizontal growth

Vertical or horizontal growth

Support used

Grow along with the soil

Grow with the support of any object that is firm and strong

Nature of Stem

Have weaker stems than climbers

Comparatively stronger stems


Watermelon, Pumpkin, Sweet potato, Money plant, Wild roses, Wild ginger

Grapes, Pea, Gourd, Grapevine, Kiwi vines, Pole beans

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