Humming Bird General Knowledge Olympiad

Humming Bird Education Ltd. is committed to strengthening students’ factual, logical, and problem-solving skills in order to assess their attitudes. Various Olympiad examinations are held by the organisation both domestically and globally. Students like the Humming Bird’s General Knowledge Olympiad, which is one of the most popular Olympiad tests.

Exams for the General Knowledge Olympiad help students gain confidence. Students’ cultural knowledge and other social interest themes such as society, culture, civilisation, community, nation, and current affairs are assessed in the General Knowledge Olympiad. Arts, discovery, gaming, politics, culture, cinema, medicine, history, and other fields are covered in the HGO Olympiad test. We will discuss more details on HGO 2022.

Important Dates and Exam Highlights

Conducting Body

Humming Bird Education

Exam Name

Humming Bird General Knowledge Olympiad (HGO)

Registration Details

30 days before the exam date (Tentative)


1 to 12

Exam Dates (Individual Registration)

  • 18 November 2022
  • 5 December 2022

HGO Level 1 Exam Dates (For Individual Registration)

  • 18 November 2022
  • 5 December 2022

Mode of Reference


Mode of Examination

Computer-based test

Result Announcement

January 2023

HGO Registration

The Humming Bird General Knowledge Olympiad (HGO) is for students in grades I to XII who are enrolled in CBSE, ICSE, state boards, or any other recognised Indian board. HGO questions cover a wide range of subjects in general knowledge and current events.

Candidates can apply for the Humming Bird General Knowledge Olympiad through either the school or individual registration. Individual registration is done by going to the official website, filling out the online registration form, and submitting it. Students must also submit the registration fee and workbook payments with the registration form (optional).

  • The application form for school registration is divided into three parts. The parent consent form, school registration, and student registration are all included in the HGO application form.
  • Students must first have their parents or guardians sign the parent consent form and submit it to the school coordinator for enrollment.
  • Most significantly, the school must first register itself using the school registration form, then fill out the student registration form with the names of interested kids before sending it to the Humming Bird.

HGO Exam Pattern

Humming Bird Education Ltd creates a test schedule for pupils to follow in order to better prepare for the Olympics. The following is the exam pattern for the HummingBird GK olympiad.

  • The total number of questions is 60
  • 60 minutes in duration
  • Multiple-choice Questions are the most common type of question (MCQs)
  • English is the Olympiad’s official language

HGO Syllabus

The HGO paper comprises 50 multiple-choice questions in which students must select the correct answer from a list of four options. The exam will be 50 minutes duration. There are no penalties for incorrect responses. The HGO paper is divided into two parts: subject-based and reasoning-based. There will be 30 subject-based questions and 20 reasoning-based questions for students to answer.

The HGO 2022 syllabus is accessible in Humming Bird’s free book and app. Students will have access to the free e-book and online application after completing the registration process. Students can utilise mobile applications to access a huge number of audio and video tutorials. Here are the syllabus and class-wise details of HGO.

Class 1

  • Our family and relations
  • Our surroundings and helpers
  • Our food, dresses, festivals, places of worship, and school
  • Animals: domestic, wild, and water animals
  • Vegetables, fruits, and flowers
  • Body parts and sense organs
  • Our country, leaders, personalities, and players
  • Tourist places, buildings & monuments, and important days
  • Indoor & outdoor games
  • Means of transport and current affairs

Class 2

  • Our surroundings
  • Parts of plants and uses of plants
  • Our body
  • Home of animals and the sound of animals
  • Sports and my country
  • Insects and common birds
  • Games
  • People of the world
  • Indian dresses, seasons, and personalities
  • An important day, books, and authors
  • The universe
  • Food of animals
  • National, religious, and family festivals
  • Abbreviations, film, sports, and layers
  • People and their profession
  • Current affairs

Class 3

  • India states and union territories
  • Our neighbouring countries
  • Great moments, historical buildings, and monuments
  • Religious places, music, and dances
  • Features of the earth, continents, and oceans
  • Everyday science and inventions
  • Books and authors
  • People and Places of India
  • Means of livelihood
  • Personalities of India
  • Great women of India
  • Famous places in the world
  • Solar system
  • Abbreviations, and national symbols
  • Flags of various countries
  • Film and sports
  • Current affairs

Class 4

  • Country and its capital
  • Continents and oceans
  • Our neighbouring countries
  • Great monuments, places & people of India, and states & capitals
  • Types of dances
  • Inside of our body and everyday science
  • Famous authors and books
  • Great personalities, inventions & inventors, and actors & actresses
  • The animal family
  • The famous site of the world
  • Different types of professions, different types of sports, and major sporting events
  • Sporting personalities
  • Our universe
  • Abbreviations
  • Religions and current affairs

Class 5

  • Climatic regions of the world
  • Countries and their capitals
  • Rivers & cities, major mountain chains of the world, flags of various countries, deserts & plateaus of the world, dams & waterways, famous institutions, sanctuaries & parks, religions of the world, and religious place & its importance
  • Inventors, inventions, and discoveries
  • General science
  • Famous buildings of the world
  • First in India and world
  • Hill stations, airports, and airlines
  • Famous personalities of the world
  • Longest in India
  • Women in cinema
  • An abbreviation, famous authors & books, major sporting events, sports personalities, and current affairs

Class 6

  • India & its history, freedom struggle, freedom fighters of India, features of India, and first in India
  • Our constitution, national symbols, and Indian railways & airways
  • Historical buildings and monuments in India
  • Places of the world
  • Major rivers of the world
  • U.N.O & its agencies
  • First in space
  • Books & authors, art & artist, inventors & inventions, discoveries, nation, currency, and flags
  • Highest honours of various countries
  • Indian national awards
  • General science, abbreviations, sports, film, and personalities
  • Important dates and current affairs

Class 7

  • Freedom struggle, dates & events, books & authors, and Indian politics
  • Abbreviation
  • First in India, nickname, my country, important books & authors, important places of India & World, and festival of India
  • Indian personalities, first in India, important year, and dates in history
  • Film, invention & discoveries, sports-terms & measurement, our universe, and general science
  • Parliament & state assemblies, slogans, old & new names, our constitution, and current affairs

Class 8

  • Solar system
  • Important dates
  • Abbreviations
  • Inventions & discoveries
  • UNO, NAM, and SAARC
  • Major ports of India/hill station
  • The foreign policy of India
  • Books and authors
  • National parks and game sanctuaries
  • Major airports of India
  • Cities and rivers
  • Atomic research centres in India
  • Indian constitution
  • Dates and events
  • Battles and wars: world war I & II
  • Buddhism and Jainism
  • National flag
  • The national animal, bird, flower, and symbols
  • India and its neighbouring countries
  • Parliament
  • General science
  • Current affairs

Class 9

  • Constitution
  • Fundamental rights
  • Democracy, parliament, the judiciary in India & World, and election in India
  • French Revolution
  • Russian Revolution
  • Rise of Hitler
  • The story of cricket
  • UNO and its agencies
  • Famous sites
  • Major ports of India
  • Towns & places, national parks, important rivers, names of parliament, currencies, and inventions & discoveries
  • UNO and its agencies
  • National & international awards
  • Sectors of the Indian economy
  • National freedom movement
  • Multipurpose river-valley project
  • Money and banking
  • Major stock exchanges of the world
  • General science
  • Current affairs

Class 10

  • Democracy
  • Five-year planning and economic policy
  • Globalization
  • Money and credit
  • Consumer awareness and major stock exchanges of the world
  • Constitution, president, vice president, parliament, and national freedom movement
  • Human rights and public service commission
  • UNO and its agencies
  • Indian town associated with industries
  • Important day and year
  • Human diet, vitamins, and a balanced diet
  • Awards & honours, sports, science, history & geography, India’s relation with its neighbouring countries, and medical equipment
  • National highways
  • First in India & world
  • Railways and banking
  • Current affairs

HGO Admit Card

The deadline to register for the Humming Bird General Knowledge Olympiad Exam is August 31, 2022. 30 days before the test date, Humming Bird Education Ltd. publishes the HGO 2022 admission card.

The admission card for HGO 2022 may be obtained through the official website. Students can access their student profile at Humming Education by using their registration number as the login and password. Without a hall ticket, students will not be permitted to enter the examination hall. After getting the admission card from the Humming Education portal, students are advised to take its print.

HGO Result

The HGO results will be accessible on Humming Bird’s official website. In addition, Humming Bird will deliver a print copy and an electronic copy of the findings to the relevant schools.

If the student entered an inaccurate registration number on the OMR form, the result would not be presented. Candidates will get a participation/rank holder certificate as well as a Student Performance Report (SPR) in addition to the HGO 2022 results.

HGO Awards

Awards at State Level

  • 1st Prize – Gold Medal + Gift worth Rs. 5,000/–
  • 2nd Prize – Silver Medal + Gift worth Rs. 4,000/–
  • 3rd Prize – Bronze Medal + Gift worth Rs. 3,000/–
  • 4 to 50 rank holders will get a consolation prize.
  • All the state-level toppers will get a merit certificate.

Awards at National/International Level

  • 1st Prize – a laptop along with certificates
  • 2nd Prize – a laptop along with certificates
  • 3rd Prize – a tablet along with certificates

4 to 50 rank holders will get either of the following awards.

  • Cash prize
  • Mobile phones
  • Wristwatch

Frequently Asked Questions on HGO 2022

How can a candidate submit an application for the Humming Bird GK Olympiad?

Students in grades 1 to 12 who attend a school that is affiliated to the CBSE/ICSE/State board or any other recognised board are eligible to compete in the Humming Bird GK Olympiad.

What are the top three awards in the Humming Bird GK olympiad for qualifying level one?

Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded to the top three rank holders in the level one olympiad. Top students will also get a merit certificate from Humming Bird Education Ltd.

What should a candidate remember before arriving at the Humming Bird GK Olympiad exam centre?

Candidates should be at the exam centre at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the exam and bring their admission card.