IGKO Class 6 Syllabus

Students take the International General Knowledge Olympiad Class 6 exam, which covers subjects from many areas of life. Information includes recent advancements, and current events worldwide. The IGKO encourages students to think critically about their surroundings.

The IGKO Syllabus Class 6 improves a student’s knowledge and interest in the subject and current events throughout the world. Each of the subjects is covered through a variety of exercises. Each activity includes questions and answers and explanations for the answers. To respond to these questions, students can develop their knowledge. They become capable of dealing with problems in a superior manner.

Class 1 to 10 IGKO Syllabus

The IGKO Syllabus is divided into four sections for each Class, from first to tenth.

1st section General Awareness Topics based on important events around the world
2nd section Current Affairs Contains questions from recent events
3rd section Life Skills Topics based on abilities for managing and living a better quality of life
4th section Achievers Section Contains questions related to higher-order thinking skills

SOF IGKO Class 6 Syllabus

The IGKO Syllabus Class 6 is listed below.

General Awareness Plants and Animals, Entertainment, Science and Technology, Language and Literature, Our Body and Health, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning, Earth and Its Environment, Sports, Social Studies

India and the World, Universe.

Life Skills Effective Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Empathy, Creative Thinking, Managing Emotions, Problem-Solving, Coping with Stress, Self-Awareness.
Current Affairs Research & Development, News, Updates of new happenings from around the world. [The complexity level is higher than in grades 1-4.]
Achievers Section Higher-Order Thinking Questions from the above-given Syllabus.

The Marking Scheme of IGKO Class 6

Class 1 to 4 has a different marking scheme from Classes 5 to 10. The marking structure of IGKO Class 6 is tabulated below.

  • Class: 6
  • Total number of questions: 50
  • Total marks: 60
  • Time: 1-hour
Section Number of Questions Marks/Questions Total Marks
General Awareness 30 1 30
Current Affairs 10 1 10
Life Skills 5 1 5
Achievers Section 5 3 15
Grand Total 50 60

Frequently Asked Questions on IGKO Syllabus Class 6

What are the criteria for taking the IGKO exams?

IGKO is a single-level test that is held in over 30 nations every year. Any student from these nations is eligible to take this exam as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • To be eligible to take the tests, the student must be enrolled in a first to tenth-grade class.
  • The student must be enrolled in an associated school with a reputable and recognized board, such as the ICSE, CBSE, or any other state board, to appear for the exam.</div>

Is it possible for me to take the IGKO exam more than once?

Yes, you can take the IGKO tests several times. SOF administers the IGKO (International General Knowledge Olympiad) exam. You can take the exam every year as long as you are enrolled in school or until you reach the tenth grade. As a result, taking the exam more than once is not prohibited.

What is the application fees for students who are eligible to take the IGKO exam?

To participate in the IGKO exam, eligible students from India and neighbouring countries must pay Rs. 125/- as application or registration fees to their respective schools. For teacher compensation and other expenditures, schools may charge an additional Rs. 25/- per participant. In rare cases, students are fully excused from paying any application fees, if the student has a disability or their parents are killed in a defence action.

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