IGKO Syllabus Class 9

The Science Olympiad Foundation hosts the IGKO (International General Knowledge Olympiad). The IGKO Olympiad is a competition for students in grades 1 to 10 to choose their interest in current events and general knowledge. For all students competing in the IGKO Olympiad, the IGKO Olympiad Syllabus is mandatory reading.

The International General Knowledge Olympiad Class 9 exam helps students maximize their potential by exposing them to current projects, quantitative thinking, media, writing, science and innovation, fundamental talents, and various other topics. It prepares students to compete on a global scale. The IGKO Syllabus Class 9 increases a student’s understanding and interest in the subject and current events worldwide.

Class 1 to 10 IGKO Syllabus

The IGKO Syllabus is divided into four sections for each Class, from first to tenth.

1st section General Awareness Topics based on important events around the world.
2nd section Current Affairs Contains questions from recent events.
3rd section Life Skills Topics based on abilities for managing and living a better quality of life.
4th section Achievers Section Contains questions related to higher-order thinking skills.

SOF IGKO Class 9 Syllabus

The IGKO Syllabus Class 9 is listed below.

General Awareness Plants and Animals, Science and Technology, Our Body and Health, India and the World, Language, Literature and Media, Sports, Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning, Our Environment,

Social Studies.

Life Skills Effective Communication, Decision Making, Interpersonal Skills, Empathy, Coping with Stress, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Self-Awareness, Managing Emotions, Problem-Solving.
Current Affairs Research & Development, News, Updates of new happenings from around the world. [The level of difficulty is higher than in grades 1-4].
Achievers Section Higher-Order Thinking Questions from the above-given Syllabus.

The Marking Scheme of IGKO Class 9

Class 1 to 4 has a different marking scheme from Classes 5 to 10. The marking structure of IGKO Class 9 is tabulated below.

  • Class: 9
  • Total number of questions: 50
  • Total marks: 60
  • Time: 1-hour
Section Number of Questions Marks/Questions Total Marks
General Awareness 30 1 30
Current Affairs 10 1 10
Life Skills 5 1 5
Achievers Section 5 3 15
Grand Total 50 60

Frequently Asked Questions on IGKO Syllabus Class 9

What is the best way to prepare for IGKO Class 9?

General knowledge is a vast subject, and it can be difficult to decide what to study and understand and how to learn it. Everything is essential. Students must first learn the main portions from which questions will be asked. They should begin preparing by learning how much each section weighs. Other than the textbook, certain sources can assist in obtaining information.

Is it difficult to clear IGKO?

Everything is dependent on the individual; how effectively the study has been planned and the knowledge and information obtained from the source. General knowledge is divided into numerous categories, each of which has its own set of topics that must be regularly updated. To remain updated, one must read the newspaper and watch the news channels regularly. Doing all of this, dividing the sections, and using the proper approach will make things a lot easier.

What is the most effective strategy to prepare for the section on Life Skills and Achievers?

Life skills are crucial because they stimulate the growth of character. Communication, empathy, numeric aptitude, logic, decision making, and personal and interpersonal abilities are all covered in this part, with a weightage of 10-15%. These are the abilities that will be useful in everyday life.
The Achievers Section has five questions with a higher weightage due to the marks. This section contains questions within the Syllabus, yet needs higher-order thinking skills, making them appear difficult sometimes.

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