IGKO Exam Results

The International General Knowledge Olympiad is organized by the Science Olympiad Foundation and welcomes children in grades 1 to 10 to compete in an international competition. The International General Knowledge Olympiad’s disciplines or topics match those of the CBSE, ICSE, and other boards, and it’s a brilliant platform to get pupils interested in topics like life skills, general awareness, and current affairs.

The International General Knowledge Olympiad is organized and supervised by the Science Olympiad Foundation, which also publicizes the IGKO Exam Results. Students who took the Olympiad exam, teachers, and the school are all looking forward to the results. The Exam Result is crucial since rewards will be given based on it.

Results of the SOF IGKO 2022

The SOF IGKO 2022 Exam Results will be available within a week of the exam date. The SOF will communicate the information on the results to the appropriate schools, and the applicants will obtain it there. The official website will also be an excellent place to look for the results.

Applicants must provide a few details to view the result sheet, such as the school code and roll number. The following is the order in which the data must be entered: Roll Number – School Code – Class – Section.

  • The student must first visit the official website of the Science Olympiad Foundation.
  • When the page loads, the student selects the test they want to take (IGKO in this case), enters their roll number, and the results appear on the screen.
  • The information offered on this page is accurate and comprehensive.
  • The candidate’s name, parents’ names, the student’s registration number, candidate’s total marks, state rank, international rank, zone rank, and school rank are all displayed on the result sheet.
  • The result sheet also shows whether the student is eligible for awards or prizes.
  • In addition to all of the above elements, the school name and address are given, making it easy to identify the schools.

Every year, the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) spends over 16 crores on scholarships and rewards for applicants. The applicants will be able to track their progress at several levels, including school, local, state, and international levels, through SOF IGKO 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions on IGKO Exam Result

When will the results of the 2022–23 International General Knowledge Olympiad Exam be released?

The International General Knowledge Olympiad exam results are usually released eight weeks following the exam date. The results are also posted on the official website and sent to the participating schools. Students should visit the official Science Olympiad Foundation website for the most up-to-date information on the results.

What are the ranking standards for the International General Knowledge Olympiad?

The top scorers on the exam are those who receive the highest marks. The rankings are announced at the school, zonal, and international levels. In the event of a tie, the SOF compares the points received in each section in the order listed below: Achievers Section, General Awareness, Current Affairs, and Life Skills. A higher rank will be granted to the student with the highest overall grade. Rank holders receive a variety of rewards at several levels.

Is it possible for an individual to apply for IGKO 2022-23?

No, a student cannot apply on their own. They are only allowed to register through their schools.

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