INAO Exam Date

Candidates who pass the National Standard Examination of Astronomy (NSEA) will be eligible to compete in the HBCSE’s (Homi Bhabha Center For Science Education) Indian National Astronomy Olympiad (INAO) 2021. This examination is usually held at the end of November. It is the second stage, and only those candidates who passed the first stage, the NSEA, are eligible to take the exam.

INAO is a test that is given to CBSE Class 10+2 students and consists of basic questions in physics, mathematics, and elementary astronomy. However, we must be familiar with the latest INAO exam pattern and question format before applying for the upcoming INAO examination 2022. Here we will discuss the INAO exam date, including the INAO exam pattern

INAO 2022 Important Dates

HBCSE has not yet released the INAO 2022 exam dates due to the pandemic in some parts of the country. The three-stage selection process for the International Astronomy Olympiad will henceforth be done in only two stages, as announced in 2021.

INAO Exam Pattern

The INAO exam will be a three-hour exam with Part 1 (National Standard Examination in Astronomy) and Part 2 (INAO). The Indian Olympiad Qualifier will be held at this stage. The INAO exam pattern is described below.

Part I: National Standard Examination in Astronomy

Time Duration

One hour

Exam Type

Objective type


Class 10+2 physics, mathematics and elementary astronomy. The exam follows the regular scheme of the NSEA examination.

Part II: Indian National Astronomy Olympiad

Time Duration

Two hours

Exam Type

Subjective type


Class 10+2 physics, mathematics and elementary astronomy. This section will be evaluated only if the candidate passed the first part. The individual score of this part will be used to determine who advances to the next round, Orientation and Selection Camp.

Preparation Tips for INAO

  • It is critical to familiarise oneself with the syllabus before beginning to prepare for the INAO (Indian National Astronomy Olympiad).
  • As candidates begin their preparation, make sure to have all the necessary course materials and publications for INAO.
  • The first stage in strategic preparation is to create a timetable.
  • Mock tests and question papers from prior years are available online and in reference books. These tests and practice exams will help candidates comprehend the exam pattern and will be able to practise answering questions under pressure.
  • Monitor the performance after each practice exam or session to find the strong and weak areas. Determine the weak points and devote extra work to improving them.

Frequently Asked Questions on INAO Exam Date

Which organisation conducts the Indian National Astronomy Olympiad ?

The Indian National Astronomy Olympiad (INAO), a national Olympiad examination, is organised by the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education in collaboration with the Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT).

What is the screening procedure for the Astronomy Olympiad?

In the batch/pool, the pupils are divided into two classes, A and B. As of November 2020, students in Group A must be in Class XII, while students in Group B must be in Class XI or lower.
For INAO stage II, a total of 250 students will be picked from each category. 500 students will be picked as a result.

What is the 2021-2022 HBCSE Science Olympiad?

The HBCSE Science Olympiad is a five-stage selection procedure for the Indian team to compete in the International Olympiads in Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Junior Science, and Physics. The NSE (National Standard Examination) is the first step, while the INO is the second (Indian National Olympiad). Students who pass the first stage must register on the official HBCSE website for the second stage. NSE, INO, Orientation-cum-Selection camp (OCSC), pre-departure camp, and International Olympiad are the five steps of the selection process.

What is the purpose of writing the INAO examination

The INAO exam is for candidates who are interested in learning about celestial bodies and desire to pursue a career in astronomy and astrophysics.

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