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The International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA) is an annual competition for world-class high school students. The IOAA is set to take place in Columbia in 2021. Students competing in the scientific Olympiad must complete four stages to be eligible to compete in the fifth round of the International Science Olympiad. The National Olympiad programme is structured into five stages, beginning with a national test administered in around 1,400 schools across the country and concluding with international Olympiads hosted around the world.

After the Olympiad, the IOAA results will be posted on the official website. The IOAA 2021 results show the candidate’s overall performance, rank, and a few other key details.

Examination Procedures

Exams are designed to assess students’ creative ideas as well as their depth of knowledge in the discipline of astronomy. The following are some norms and restrictions that students must adhere to during the test.

  • Students can utilise pocket calculators that aren’t programmed.
  • There shall be no graphic or sketching materials on the premises.
  • If calculators are required, students must bring them.
  • It is not permitted to collect formulas for mathematics, chemistry, physics, and other subjects within the test hall.
  • During the examination, students must not use any unfavourable methods.

Results of the IOAA 2021

The IOAA results will be published on the official website after the Olympiad. Candidates can verify their IOAA examination results on the IOAA’s official website. The IOAA 2021 results provide the candidate’s performance status, rank, and a few other relevant facts.

Points to Remember

  • Theoretical and practical challenges necessitate a thorough understanding of fundamental astronomical concepts.
  • Basic concepts in physics and maths from high school are required to complete the assignments. Calculus, complex numbers, and solving differential equations should not be included in standard replies.
  • Astronomical software programmes can help with practical and observational issues. Candidates will be given a list of software programmes to use at least three months before the exam. The software programmes used should ideally be freeware or low-cost, making them accessible to people in all nations. These must work with a variety of operating systems.

Frequently Asked Questions on IOAA Exam Result

What does IOAA stand for?

The IOAA stands for International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics. It is an international competition in astronomy and astrophysics, held annually, in which youngsters from all around the world compete on a wide range of topics. The foundation strives to instil an enthusiasm for the topic of astronomy and astrophysics in students, in the hopes that they will continue to study and work in the field in the future.

What is the IOAA marking scheme?

The theoretical section is worth 50% of the entire grade, whereas the practical portion is worth 50% of the whole grade (25 % data analysis and 25 % observation). Practical solutions should include theoretical study (plan and debate) as well as pragmatic implementation.

How can a student register for IOAA?

A student must first register for the National Standard Examination in Astronomy in order to participate in the IOAA. The IOAA 2021 registration application form is the initial step towards participation. The application form will be accessible to the public beginning in September.

How do we get an invitation for our team to participate in IOAA?

Host country will open the IOAA website for that year about 6 months before the event. All countries will be invited to do pre-registration on the event website. Only pre-registered countries can ask for an official invitation addressed to the education ministry or equivalent authority of the country.

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