IOQJS (Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Junior Science)

The full form of IOQJS is Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Junior Science. It’s the first stage of the International Science Olympiad competition. It is a three-hour test consisting of two papers that is normally held in January. The Indian National Olympiad (INO) and the National Standard Examination (NSE) are combined in the IOQJS, which is conducted by the IAPT and HBCSE as a mixture of two competitive examinations (NSE).

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The Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Junior Science (IOQJS) exam’s major goal is to inspire students to evaluate their science skills by participating in a worldwide competition. Here, we discuss more about IOQJS 2021-2022.

IOQJS Eligibility

  • Candidates must have been born between January 1, 2006, and December 31, 2007.
  • Academic Requirements: Applicants must have studied in India since November 30, 2018 or before. Before November 30, 2020, they must not have finished their 10th Boards or any other similar test. Candidates who have been enrolled in any Indian school system since November 2018 or before are also eligible for the IOQJS.
  • Candidates wishing to compete in the Indian Olympiad Junior Science Qualifier must have resided in India from November 2018 or before. They must be able to obtain an Indian passport. Students who are Overseas Citizens of India would not be eligible for selection to the team representing India in International Olympiads, according to a recent notification from the Madras High Court.
  • Candidates who want to compete in IOQJS should not be taking IOQA, IOQP, IOQC, or IOQB in the same year.

IOQJS Syllabus

The Indian Association of Physics Teachers and the Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education developed the syllabus for the Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Junior Science. Since this Olympiad is for secondary school students, the IOQJS programme covers nearly all courses in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics that are covered in CBSE curricula up to the tenth grade.

IOQJS Exam Date

Enrolment Date 31-10-2021
Exam Date 09 January 2022(Tentative)

IOQJS Exam Pattern

IOQJS Exam Pattern Details
Duration 3 hours

  • Paper 1: 1 hour
  • Paper 2: 2 hours
Exam Mode Pen-and-paper based
Types of Questions
  • Paper 1: Multiple Choice Questions
  • Paper 2: Subjective Questions
Negative Marking -1 for every incorrect response

Registration for the IOQJS

In general, registration for the Junior Science Olympiad begins in October. Aspiring students can register for the IOQJS test at iaptexam. From October 31st, 2021, the application window for IOQJS 2022 was open. This year’s IOQJS application window, fees, and other aspects are expected to be the same as last year. Aspiring candidates should check the IAPT and HBCSE official websites for more information and updates.

IOQJS Result

The IOQJS results will be made available online. The results of each stage will be posted on the IAPT’s official website. All applicants will be able to view their IOQJS Paper 1 results. Candidates who reach the IOQJS Paper 1 cut-off marks will have their IOQJS Paper 2 results reviewed. Candidates will be notified of the final results, which will be posted on the IAPT and HBCSE official websites.

Frequently Asked Questions on Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Junior Science – IOQJS


Who qualifies for the IOQJS?

IOQJS is open to students in Class X and lower grades who were born between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2007. Students who want to take the IOQJS must have an Indian passport. They must have been enrolled in a school in India from November 2018 or before. They must either be Indian nationals or have lived and studied in India since November 2018 or before.

Is there a connection between IOQJS and NSEJS?

Yes, the IOQJS and NSEJS examinations are quite comparable. The National Standard Examination in Junior Science is abbreviated as NSEJS, and the Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Junior Science is abbreviated as IOQJS. The IOQJS test is a hybrid of the NSEJS and the Indian National Olympiad. NSEJS and IOQJS have identical curricula that include courses from the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) syllabus up to Class X.

What is the best way to crack IOQJS?

First and foremost, students must learn all topics in the IOQJS syllabus using NCERT textbooks. Students are encouraged to solve and practise as many problems as possible from the Olympiad booklets. They could also refer to H.C.Verma, O.P. Tandon, R. D. Sharma, S.L. Arora, and other authors.

How can I register for IOQJS?

Students can register for IOQJS via the IAPT’s official website. They must first register on the website and then complete the application form.

What is the full form of IOQJS?

IOQJS stands for The Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Junior Science. It is the first step of the International Science Olympiad Program.