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The National Standard Examination in Chemistry is administered by Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education and the Indian Association of Physics Teachers. The examination is conducted annually in November, and it is conducted at different locations across the country. The National Science Education Centre focuses on promoting interest in chemistry. The NSEC recognises students’ accomplishments based on their exam results. This exam is for students who desire to explore chemistry and want to obtain knowledge of the topic while studying for the exam by completing a self-assessment. Students who pass this exam will be eligible to compete in the INCO (Indian National Chemistry Olympiad).

Overview of Exam

The NSEC exam is designed for enthusiastic students in senior secondary school who want to pursue higher education or a profession in chemistry. One of the key goals of such exams is to identify bright students and create a forum for them to be exposed to the global platform. Many further exam levels are successful at the first level, and students who pass all of them will be eligible to compete in the International Chemistry Olympiad.

Exam Pattern

The test consists of 80 multiple-choice questions, each with four options and only one correct answer. The exam will be conducted in English, and the duration is two hours.


Number of Questions

Marks Per Question

Total Marks












NSEC Result

The results of NSEC will be published on the official website first. Students will be able to view the NSEC result once they are published on the IAPT’s official website. To see the results, one has to enter the candidate’s username and date of birth as the password. The date of birth should be in DD/MM/YYYY format. The grades of the students will be factored into the final outcome. Along with the results, IAPT will release the answer keys. Students who qualify for the IAPT exam will be eligible for stage I, which is the Indian National Olympiad Exam.

Frequently Asked Questions on NSEC Result

How many times is the NSEC exam conducted in a year?

The NSCE exam is conducted once a year, usually between September and November.

How are the achievers of the NSEC exam decided?

The top 1% of students who pass the NSEC exam are invited to compete in the Indian National Chemistry Olympiad. The top 30 students are chosen for the Orientation-Cum-Selection-Camp (OCSC), Chemistry. The National Standard Examination in Chemistry’s major goal is to include as many students as possible from around the country and to promote their brilliance around the world. INOC will be available to the top 300 students in NSEC.

What are some of the tips to crack the NSEC examination?

The following are a few tips for an easy and smooth study process for the chemistry olympiad.

  • Learn everything students can about the syllabus and the topics covered in the rescored curriculum.
  • When taking a competitive exam, early preparation is always the best.
  • Updates on the examination can be found on the official websites.
  • Examine NSEC’s previous years’ question papers and solve practice papers.
  • Try to enrol in an online or offline course that focuses on these exams.
  • To gain a better understanding of the subject, read, learn, revise, and solve more problems.
  • Revision helps to deepen one’s understanding of a subject.

Where can a contestant find the sample papers for the examination?

The contestant can find the sample papers on the official website for reference and good preparation.

Is it compulsory for all the students to take the NSEC examination?

It is not compulsory for all students to take the NSEC examination. Students who want to choose a career in chemistry can write this exam for a bright future. The IAPT administers this exam to assess students’ knowledge of chemistry in order to pick the best candidates to represent India at the global level.

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