Types of Force

Types of Force

We are aware that force is referred to a push or pull on a certain object. There mainly two types of force which are again classified into several types.

The two types of force are:

  • Contact forces
  • Non-Contact forces

The contact forces are the forces which occurs when we apply some effort on an object. These are classified into:

  • Spring Force
  • Applied Force
  • Air Resistance Force
  • Normal Force
  • Tension Force
  • Frictional Force

The non-contact forces are the forces which occurs from a distance. These are classified into:

  • Electromagnetic Force
  • Gravitational Force
  • Nuclear Force

Spring Force

This force works opposite to the displacement of molecules. Like in a spring or elastic rubber band etc.

Applied Force

The force which is applied by our muscles is called applied force is also called muscular force. For example, pushing a box or kicking a ball etc.

Air Resistance Force

The force exerted by a gas acting upon a body on the opposite direction is called air resistance force. The examples are the forces experienced by a skydiver or a downhill skier etc.

Normal Force

It is referred to the force which acts when two surfaces are in contact. This force is perpendicular to the surface and acts in the direction out of the surface. For example, a box on top of a table.

Tension Force

This type of force is experienced by a rope or a string which holds an object. The tension force is always a pull not a push. The tension force is same throughout the cable. For example, a ball hanging with the help of a string.

Frictional Force

Frictional force acts when the objects on a surface is trying to moves relative to surface. For example, when a box is slided on a table.

There are non-contact forces such as:

Electromagnetic Force

These are the magnetic and electric interactions between atoms and molecules which helps in binding and defining the structure of solids. For example, in a magnet, poles attract each other.

Gravitational Force

The force which acts between objects due to presence of matter. For example, Earth’s gravity acting upon objects

Nuclear Force

This is the force responsible for the bonding of nucleus. For example, forces resulting in radioactive decay.

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