BYJU's Maths & Science Video Learning Program for Class 8 CBSE- Tablet
Class 8 – Maths & Science

Class 8 – Maths & Science


  • Personalized learn journeys that adapts to every student’s learning requirement.
  • Visual and interactive lessons to explain complex concepts with special attention to numerical problems.
  • Video lectures for Math, Biology, Chemistry and Physics (as per CBSE Syllabus) by some of India’s best teachers.
  • Multiple chapter-wise tests for practice along with deep analysis.
  • Free access to the world’s largest online student portal where students can get their doubts cleared by experts.
  • No internet required. Works on both smartphones and tablets with android version above 4.2.1



Product Description

Concepts taught in class 8th of CBSE are closely related to the concepts taught later on in class 9th. Video lectures by Byju’s provide in-depth understanding early on to help the student analyze the relation between concepts taught and thus have strong basics. This course helps target board exams and other entrance exams like the NTSE, Math and Science Olympiads with equal ease. The adaptive learning is made using artificial intelligence to boost retention and revision. High definition visualization techniques are captivating and encourage genuine interest in learning science.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is the configuration of the tablet?

Ans . The Lenovo tablet is the Lenovo Tab 3 Essentials 7 inch model. It has 8 GB memory and an SD Card slot. It has standard features like WIFI and apps can be installed by connecting to any App store. By default calling facility is disabled. Lenovo Tab 4 10 inch model model with 8 GB memory and SD Card slot. It has standard features like WIFI and by default calling facility is disabled. You can install other apps on this tablet as well.

Q. Is Calling facility available on tablet?

Ans . By default, calling facility is disabled on the tablet.


Q. Can I renew or extend my Byju's learning program?

Ans . Of course! You can renew your program or extend the same. Please call us on our Customer Care number on 92 41 333 666 and you would get help regarding the same. Customer care is available from Monday to Saturday 9 AM to 9 PM IST except Public holidays.

Q. How to start Byju's tablet for the first time?

Ans . Once you get the product, you would find a code inside it. Once you start the tablet, you need to enter this code and the tablet would get unlocked. You would notice that Byju's app comes pre-installed inside the tablet. You can start using the same without any need for internet right away.

Q. Can I renew the tablet for the next year, at what cost?

Ans . Yes, of course! Majority of Byju's students renew the tablet in any given year. To renew, you can check offers available by checking your emails for them or calling our Customer care number 9241 333 666

Q. What about Tests, are they included in the tablet?

Ans . Yes, Byju's has chapter wise tests with solutions and explanations. In fact, some questions are a part of the Learning itself, as you go through videos. This ensures that the student is not only understanding concepts but also applying it.


Additional Information

Choose Board

CBSE, ICSE, Maharashtra Board, Tamil Nadu Board, Karnataka Board, Kerala Board, West Bengal Board, Telangana Board, Andhra Pradesh Board

Choose Mode Of Learning

SD Card with Lenovo 7″ Tablet, SD Card with Lenovo 10″ Tablet, Books, SD Card, Streaming


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