GMAT Preparation Tablet Course Online with Practice Tests and 1-1 Sessions
GMAT Course

GMAT Course


  • 150+ hours of GMAT lectures by India’s no. 1 GMAT trainers Mr. Santosh P.N. (GMAT 780 scorer and ISB alum) and Mr. Amit (GMAT 760 scorer). Also includes 3500 Practice Questions, 5 mock exams, O.G. solutions delivered through Tablet. It also includes 80 hours of Intensive sessions solving high-level questions through webinars.
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Product Description

Experience the benefits of our unique adaptive learning solutions for your GMAT prep. This product consists of 150 hours of lectures by GMAT 99 percentilers (Mr. Santosh P.N: 780/800 and Mr. Amit: 760/800) in Tablet, 3500 practice questions, 5 computer adaptive mock exams and solutions to all official guide questions. The diagnostic toolkit gives real-time feedback analysis to the student by highlighting common GMAT errors made and presenting the set of questions on specific weaker topics. 80 hours of Intensive online sessions, this covers high-level questions on GMAT.

Content in Tab includes:

  • 150 hours of pre-recorded lectures by the top-notch faculty
  • 3500 practice questions
  •  A diagnostic toolkit to give real-time feedback analysis
  •  Personalized question bank

Webinars include:

  •  Standard 3 months and 6 months validity depending on your course duration for online webinars conducted by 700+ scorers on the GMAT exam.
  •  40 hours of intensive sessions through webinars every day
  •  These 40 hours sessions are covered in a span of one-month duration which will be repeated every month.
  •  Only High-level questions are solved in these webinars to better your GMAT prep


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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What are the variants? 


  • 150 hrs of content with basics for 50 hrs and 3500 individual questions for about 100 hrs covering Official guide, High-level questions and sectional tests with video solution for each of them. These are recorded video lectures, which requires no internet and can be accessed multiple times.
  • 40 hrs of live webinar sessions split across 20 sessions of 2 hrs each. They are covered by certified mentors who deal with the application of strategies to the high-level questions which are not a part of our Tab. They are conducted live between 7-9 on all weekdays and are repeated on weekends through recordings.
  • 5 Mocks - Full length and computer adaptive in nature.
  • There is also a very interesting "Diagnostic toolkit" software to give an analysis on sectional tests.

Q. How different are we from the other competitors?


  • Flexible - can be carried along, the course can be dealt with even in split hrs.
  • Intense - we conduct classes and give access to the materials on all days not just on weekends. However, the student can customize it according to needs. Also, our material is not just in form of hard copies without revealing strategies.
  • Economic - extremely economic as we give a choice to choose the duration by not forcing a generic schedule up on a student.
  • Technically advanced.

Q. Who are the mentors who take care of the course offered? Their profile, Have they given exam themselves?


  • Mr. Santosh and Mr. Amit with offline content - Mr. Santosh is an alumnus of ISB and has a 780/800 in GMAT. Mr. Amit is a 760/800 is GMAT,  had a 100th percentile in CAT Quant and has more than a decade of experience in the same field.
  • Others are certified and trained ones who deal with webinars.

Q. What if we need more help? How can that happen?


  • This should be sufficient as it covers both basics through video lectures ( all the 3500 questions here will have an explanation for each of them) and high-level ones through live classes where people are allowed to interact.
  • If they have doubts further, they can mail across for which we respond.

Q. In our case, will these sessions be as promising as those face to face ones?


  • More intense as it starts from the scratch (basics).
  • Webinars are nothing but live classes allowing interaction but through a virtual platform.

Q. How do I get back for doubts, How to deal with technical issues or delay in receiving the course?


  • Via mail
  • Can also be sorted during webinars.
  • Technical issues can be sorted with a help of support team.
  • Late delivery is not likely to happen as there is a tracking ID through which the delivery status can be tracked.


Additional Information

Course Duration

3 months 7″ Lenovo Tab, 4 months 7″ Lenovo Tab, 6 months 7″ Lenovo Tab, 3 months 10″ Lenovo Tab, 4 months 10″ Lenovo Tab, 6 months 10″ Lenovo Tab