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GRE Course + Admissions Consulting

GRE Course + Admissions Consulting


  • This package is for candidates opting for the combination of our GRE course + Admissions Consulting Services. Please drop an email to or call 080-3951-2717 to understand the suitable package for you before signing up.

Product Description

Please don't forget to sign the terms and conditions for partial payment, in case you're choosing that option, here: 

Please check the terms and conditions of our admissions consulting services here.

This is the end to end service package which includes GRE Prep + Admissions Consulting Services for MS/MiM/MeM/Ph.D./MBA or any other type of masters.  Please note that the fee varies depending on whether you choose to take admissions help for Technical, Managerial or Techno-Managerial Masters or Ph.D. / MBA programs.

Kindly get in touch with us at MS@BYJUS.COM or one of our educational consultants before paying the fee to understand the correct package for you.


  • 100 hours of offline lectures available in your own Android device/ tablet.  
  • Diagnostic Toolkit: complete analytics of your daily progress and performance
  • High-quality teaching by GRE toppers. Verbal - Mr. P.N. Santosh ( 338/340 ). Quant - Mr. Amith Ravindra     ( 330/340 )
  • 1500+ questions with video solution and in-depth statistics tailor-made to improve one’s score.
  • 5 mock GRE exams to simulate GRE experience
  • Classes: Live online classes in the form of webinars
  • Membean software subscription to make sure you don't just mug up words, but learn and understand them in the best way possible.

Things to Note

  1. Typical course validity in the app is for 3 months. If students wish to take more time and extend their validity, they may Rs 3500 per month additional to extend their course validity
  2. The SD card will work only on Android 4.4.2 + devices (with ~ 1GB RAM), if the student doesn't have such a device, he/she may take the course with a Lenovo tablet by paying Rs 5000 extra. 


Admissions Consulting Services may include all or some of the following as per the package taken

  • CV Gap Analysis and Review
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Profile gap Analysis
  • Profile Consulting
  • Essay / SoP Critiquing 
  • LOR Building and Review
  • Identifying Bottlenecks
  • School Selection
  • Social Media Consulting


  1. Technical Package includes application to regular technical MS programs. Custom Package includes application to techno-managerial/managerial/Ph.D./humanities or other programs. 
  2. Interview Help is not included in these packages. Kindly check with us for a quotation for the same as per your requirement. 

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.  Do we need an internet connection to access the content?

Ans. No, the 100 hours of video content, 1500+ practice questions, Diagnostic Tool Kit are all available offline which can be accessed as per your convenience whenever you want.

Q. How do you guys help with vocabulary? What is Membean?

Ans. Membean is a vocabulary enhancing that uses visual techniques and mnemonics to make you understand the mean of each word by showing you movie clips, funny videos, funny pictures, rhymes, word constellations. This helps improve your vocabulary without the need of mugging up the words or cramming up their meanings. 

Q. How can Membean and Mock Tests be accessed?

Ans. Membean and Mock Tests can be accessed on the Byju's Dashboard of which the link and login credentials would be provided to you via e-mail and a call.

Q. For how long will the course be valid? What happens after the validity of the course expires?

Ans. The course validity will depend on the course duration you select. Once the course expires you can subscribe to additional months by paying Rs 2,000 per month.

Q. How will my doubts be clarified?

Ans. Your doubts will be clarified over an e-mail to You may also get in touch with Byju's team at 9241333666 and subscribe for live online webinar classes by paying an additional amount. You can interact with the faculties during the online webinars, post your doubts and get them clarified.

Q. When and where will the webinars take place?

Ans. The webinars will be happening online of which the link will be provided to you via e-mail. These webinars will take place from 

Monday to Thursday at 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM IST. 

Q. What will be the difference between the recorded lectures and webinars?

Ans. The recorded lectures can be viewed as per your convenience whenever you want, wherever you want and as many numbers of time you want. The webinars will happen online during the scheduled time. These will be like normal online classes. In these webinars, we will help you revise, practice and clarify your doubts.

Q. What happens if I miss a webinar?

Ans. In case you end up missing a webinar you can drop an e-mail to and ask for a recording of the same.

Q. Will my device support the App? What do I do in case my device does not support the App?
Ans. Please refer the below requirements for the GRE Application to run:
  •      Android 4.4.2+ version
  •      Above 1 GB RAM
  •      SD Card Slot expandable to 64GB at least
  •      Above 5" display screen is preferable
  •      Above 1.2 GHZ Processor
  •      More than 5 GB Internal Storage Space for App to Run Smoothly
  •      WIFI/3G/4G required for Installation/Setup/Startup of Application
Q. What is the process for admissions consulting services?

The applicants are onboarded with a separate team once they sign up for admissions consulting. Each applicant is assigned counselor(s) with whom they have scheduled sessions and/or unscheduled calls over phone/email/skype. The applicants are asked to prepare certain documents, read some content online and work with the admissions services team to create a successful application packet for admissions. Please get in touch with us before signing up to understand how the process works as it is highly personalized and differs on a case to case basis. 

For any further information kindly drop an e-mail at or reach us at 080-3951-2717 / 9538991911

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