1. India experiences topical monsoon type of climate. __________
2. The coastal areas experience extreme climate. ______________
3. During the winter season the temperature decreases from north to south. ________
4. In the summer season, loo blows over the coastal plains. __________
5. The cyclones are experienced during the south-west monsoon season. ________


1. The given statement is true.

Explanation: India experiences tropical monsoon type of climate. It has distinct hot and cold weather seasons. The monsoon season starts roughly from May.

2. ​The statement is false.

Explanation: Coastal areas experience moderate climate because of the presence of water bodies, but the interior parts of the country experience extreme climatic conditions.

3. ​The statement is false.

Explanation: During the cold weather season, the Northern Plains have a very low temperature. But at the same time, south India has equable climate. So, the temperature decreases from south to north.

4. ​The statement is false.

Explanation: Loo is a hot, dust-laden wind that blows over the Northern Plains. It is a very dry wind; hence, it does not bring any rainfall.

5. ​The statement is false.

Explanation: From September to November, monsoon winds start retreating. Thus, the weather becomes extreme with high heat and humidity. The cyclones arising from the Bay of Bengal cause rainfall in the Coromandel Coast of Tamil Nadu.

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