1. So a part of the idea of near-zero interest rates in the US is to discourage saving and to encourage borrowing.
2. It seems hard these days to find anyone who has a good word for savings, or savers.
3. There has been talk of a global "savings glut" for a decade now, and Ben Bernanke the former chief of the US Federal Reserve, one of the original proponents,still sees the concept as a "useful perspective" for understanding current economic conditions.
4. The perceived problem is that money saved is not money spent and thus the effect of saving is to reduce aggregate demand; by keeping a dollar in your pocket, you deprive a neighbor of employment.
5. This is the "paradox of thrift"; if everyone tries to save too much, the economy will contract and the average person will be poorer, not richer.


Sentences 4 and 5 form a continuum as sentence 5 further explains the paradox posed and answered by sentence 4. Now sentences 2 or 3 can start the paragraph but sentence 2 is more appropriate as a starting sentence as it introduces the topic of problem with savings rather than starting straight away with the explanation. Sentences 3 and 1 have the link of US between them and 4 follows 1 as it mentions why saving is discouraged.
So, 23145 is the correct sequence.

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