1.   The reconstruction of history by post-revolutionary science texts involves more than a multiplication of historical misconstructions.
A.   Because they aim quickly to acquaint the student with the contemporary scientific community "thinks it knows", textbooks treat the various experiments, concepts, laws and theories of the current normal science as separately as possible.
B.   Those misconstructions render revolutions invisible; the arrangement of the still visible material in science texts implies a process that, if it existed, would deny revolutions a function.
C.   But when combined with the generally unhistorical air of science writing and with the occasional systematic misconstruction, one impression is likely to follow.
D.   As pedagogy, this technique of presentation is unexceptionable.
6.   Science has reached its present state by series of individual discoveries and inventions that when gathered together, constitute the modern body of technical knowledge.

  1. ADCB
  2. DACB
  3. BADC
  4. CBDA


The correct option is C BADC
Option: (a)

(1) states reconstruction of history involves more than a multiplication of historical misconstruction (B) clears misconstruction renders revolution invisible (A) explains the technique of presentation.   (D) states such technique to be unexceptionable.   (C) states result on combination of science writing with occasional systematic misconstruction.   (6) follows telling science as outcome of individual discoveries and Inventions.

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