A set of rules that governs data communication is called________?

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A set of rules that governs data communication is called a protocol.


The protocol is a set of rules regulating communication. In communication, the basic components are a sender, a receiver, and a mechanism by which the message is transmitted to the receiver from the sender.

  • There are several things that one must bear in factors when choosing a communication.
  • Some laws and regulations must be observed by both the sender and the receiver while there is contact in order to interact and interpret the exact sentence correctly.

Communication Process

The communication is a process that starts with the development of thoughts by a sender who conveys the message using a various channel to the receiver, who then sends him a message as feedback. There are seven main components of the communication process:

  • SenderThe sender conceptualizes the idea or the conversation he wants to convey it to the recipient.
  • EncodingNow the sender starts the encoding process where he utilizes words or non-verbal means to translate the thought into a message.
  • MessageAfter encoding, the sender receives the message that he wants to send.
  • Communication Channel The sender then decides through which medium or channel he/she wants to send the message to the recipient. They must choose the channel to have an effective and correct interpretation of a message to the recipient.
  • Receiver The receiver receives the message and tries to comprehend in the best possible way.
  • DecodingIn this step, the receiver translates the sender’s information and tries to perceive it most suitably.
  • Feedback It is the last step of the communication process that assures the recipient, has received the information and understood correctly as the sender designed it.

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