(a) What is the difference between regular reflection and diffuse reflection of light? Name one object which can produce regular reflection of light and diffuse reflection of light.

(b) Draw diagrams to show regular reflection of light and another diffuse reflection of light.

(c) Which of the following will cause regular reflection of light and which will cause diffuse reflection of light?

(a) Polished wooden table       (b) Chalk powder

(c) Cardboard                          (d) Mirror

(d) Paper                                 (e) Marable floor with water spread over it.


(a) Regular Reflection - The type of reflection such that the angle of reflection of the light is equal to the angle of incidence and on the opposite side of the normal to the point of incidence.
Diffused Reflection - Diffuse reflection is the reflection of light or other waves or particles from a surface such that a ray incident on the surface is scattered at many angles rather than at just one angle as in the case of specular reflection.

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(a) Regular reflection - A polished surface is an example of a smooth surface. A polished wooden table has a smooth surface. Hence, reflections from the polished table will be regular.
(b) Diffused reflection - Chalk power spread on a surface is an example of an irregular surface. It is not smooth. Therefore, diffused reflection will take place from chalk powder.
(c) Diffused reflection - Cardboard surface is also an example of an irregular surface. Hence, diffused reflection will take place from a cardboard surface.
(d) Regular reflection - Marble floor with water spread over it is an example of a regular surface. This is because water makes the marble surface smooth. Hence, regular reflection will take place from this surface.
(e) Regular reflection - Mirror has a smooth surface. Therefore, it will give a regular reflection.
(f) Diffused reflection - Although a piece of paper may look smooth, but it has many irregularities on its surface. Due to this reason, it will give a diffused reflection.

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