Air moves from a region of ________ pressure to a region of ________ pressure.

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  1. Intermolecular spaces are the spaces that are present between two or more molecules of a substance.
  2. When the air pressure is high, it is denser and the molecules are much nearby each other.
  3. When the air pressure is low, it is less dense, and the molecules are more spread out.
  4. The intermolecular spaces of gases with low air pressure. is greater than that of gases with high air pressure.
  5. Air from the higher region in the atmosphere sinks downwards and thus marks a high-pressure area.
  6. As rising hot air creates a low-pressure zone and as cold air falls it creates a high-pressure zone.
  7. The air produces wind that travels horizontally between high and low-pressure zones.
  8. Air always flows from high-pressure areas to low-pressure areas to reduce pressure difference and reach equilibrium
  9. The wind belts are formed due to air circulation between high and low intensity.
  10. Thus when there is a larger pressure differential between the pressure zones, it is easy for molecules of higher air pressure gases to move and take the place of lower air pressure gases.
5.10: Real Gases- The Effects of Size and Intermolecular Forces - Chemistry  LibreTexts

Hence, air moves from a region of high pressure to a region of low pressure.

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