Although statistics and definitions are inexact, educated guesses put the number of refugees worldwide at well over 10 million. The overwhelming majority prefer to return to their native land than to emigrate to a foreign one. The millions of refugees from Afghanistan are sufficient proof: Despite the toll the war and subsequent fighting have taken on their country, very few have applied for permission to emigrate. Which of the following, if true, would most strengthen the argument above?
  1. Most refugees are as reluctant to emigrate, as are the refugees from Afghanistan

  2. Most of the children born to refugees prefer to remain in their adoptive country rather than return to the land their parents left

  3. The refugees from Afghanistan fled what they considered political oppression rather than economic disaster

  4. Although refugees flee their homes for a variety of different reasons, the overwhelming majority is looking for improved living conditions


The correct option is A

Most refugees are as reluctant to emigrate, as are the refugees from Afghanistan

The Conclusion: The overwhelming majority of the world's refugees prefer to return to their own countries than emigrate to another country. The Evidence: Of the millions of Afghani refugees, only a few have applied for emigration to other countries. This is an argument from a sample, so the key issue of representativeness should come to mind. In order for this evidence about Afghani refugees to support a conclusion about refugees in general, Afghanis must be representative of refugees in general.

The author is not concerned with the reasons that lead people to flee their native countries (b), only with whether these refugees would prefer to return home or to emigrate. The desires of the children of refugees (c) are irrelevant; the argument concerns the desires of refugees themselves. Whether refugees become refugees for a variety of reasons or for one overwhelming reason (d) has no effect on this question

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