Answer the following questions based on the information given below:

A leading socialite decided to organize a dinner and invited a few of her friends. Only the host and hostess were sitting at the opposite ends of a rectangular table with three people on each side. The pre-requisite of the sitting arrangement was that each person must be seated such that at least on one side he/she has a person of the opposite sex. Maqbool is opposite to Sobha, who is not the hostess. Ratan has a woman on his right and is sitting opposite to the woman. Manisha is sitting to the hostess’s right, next to Dhirubhai. One person is seated between Madhuri and Urmila, who is not the hostess. The men were Maqbool, Ratan, Dhirubhai and Jackie, while the woman were Madhuri, Urmila, Sobha and Manisha.

If each person is placed directly opposite to his/her spouse, which of the following pair must be married?
  1. Urmila and Jackie
  2. Ratan and Madhuri
  3. Madhuri and Dhirubhai
  4. Ratan and Manisha
  5. None of these


The correct option is D Ratan and Manisha

Among the given choices, only Ratan and Manisha are sitting opposite to each other and hence they must be married.

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