How do trees help in increasing rainfall 


Trees continuously release water in environment in the form of vapor through millions of leaves in the process of respiration and metabolism. Water vapors are condensed in cooler atmosphere and dropped in the form of rain.Secondly, roots make soil porous making it easy for rain water to enter into it. Ground water levels are therefore high in places rich in vegetation. More ground water, more trees, more water vaporization and more resultant rain are therefore linked.

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Trees play an important role in the preservation of nature. Planting more trees bring rain because plants transpire. Transpiration is a process by which aerial parts of the plants lose water as water vapour during photosynthesis. this water is added to the normal moisture of the air thus making the air saturated faster and brings rain. In other words transpiration of the plants play a important role in the water cycle as it adds moisture to the air. Tree's prepare their food and generate energy through a process known as PHOTOSYNTHESIS and through transpiration which it sends out the excess water in the form of water vapour through small pores present on the leaf surface and this enables the raise in content of water vapour in the atmosphere leading to preciptation in form of rain and this phenomena is exhibited by most of the Mesophytes group Of Land Plants i.e; terrestrial ones. The air caused by the moving of plants and trees, help in the chemical reaction with clouds that are full water loaded thereby bringing rain to the earth. Thus plants play an important role in getting more rains.

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