How many goals were scored against Salgaocar in the third round?


From the chart, total of number of goals scored for (all teams combined): 37 = total scores against (all teams); thus goals scored against JCT = 37-32 = 5.

JCT got 3 points after 3 rounds. Since its goal for goals against. All 3 matches have not been drawn. So, JCT has won 1 and lost 2 matches.

Salgaocar has 4 points. It couldn’t have drawn all 3 (although GF=GA). So it has won 1, drawn 1 and lost 1 (3+1+0).

EB has 1 GF and 4 GA. It has also won a match. Thus EB’s most likely history: 1-0,0-2,0-2

MB won in the third round and the match had 2 goals scored totally. So it was a 2-0 win. The other 2 matches to satisfy total GF=5 and GA=7 should be 1-3 and 2-4 losses.

Dempo has GF=11 and GA=5. Hence its history: 3-1,4-2,4-2. Thus, with this score-line, Dempo could’ve never faced EB.

None among Dempo, MB, EB, and JCT has drawn any match. Hence Salgaocar’s drawn match was against Churchill.

From given conditions, Churchill met Dempo in first round (and lost as Dempo won all matches), Churchill met MB in 2nd round (and won). Hence Churchill’s drawn match against Sal as in 3rd round.

MB won in the third round. Thus Dempo must’ve played JCT in the third round.

Thus EB must’ve met MB in the 3rd round and lost 0-2.

Dempo met Sal in the 2nd round

EB met Sal in 1st round

Thus, MB met JCT in 1st round.

JCT lost against Dempo 2-4 or 1-3 and won against MB 4-2 or 3-1

Also, JCT scored 4 goals and conceded 5, hence they lost against Dempo 1-3 and won against

MB 3-1

Dempo won against Churchill and Sal 4-2 each

MB lost against Churchill 2-4

Churchill and Sal drew their match 3-3

Sal won against EB 2-0 and EB won against JCT 1-0

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