How to remember lesson biomolecules

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Well, asking an entire lesson in a single question is .... You know, we cannot type in a entire lesson as an answer. So, if you specifically need help regarding a topic, it would be much appreciated, if you would kindly ask as multiple sections.

Here, however, I will share a few.

Easiest topics are amino acids, proteins and nucleic acids.

Keep shortcuts.
ADEK for fat soluble vitamins. Others are water soluble.
Use the below line for essential amino acids-
"Any Help In Learning These Little Molecules Prove Truly Valuable"
where each 1st letter corresponds to essential amino acid, like A-arginine, H-histidine,L for leucine, I for isoleucine , T-tryltophan,L-lysine,M-methionine,P-phenylalanine,V-valine.

Study structures of small amino acids, and keep a small idea of others, like tryptophan has 2 rings, tyrosine has benzene ring, etc

Structure of protein is an easy topic, so is enzymes. You just have to read it completely.

Nucleic acid, just study the base pairs, and structure of nucleoside,nucleotide, and how bonding is formed. Other structures are generally not stressed.
If you need a detailed explanation, just ask another question on nucleic acids. I can help you with structures.

Carbohydrates is the longest part and is the most complicated. If you cannot study all structures, learn those of glucose and fructose. Also, study the reactions and the reagents. Also, starch and cellulose, study the theory.

I cannot write everything in a single piece. I have given a brief overview, of the most important topics. If you need to know more, ask individual questions on each topics.

Happy learning!

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