It would be ungrateful not to recognize how immense the boons are which science has given to mankind. It has brought within reach, the benefits and advantages which only a short time ago were the privilege of the few. It has shown how malnutrition, hunger and disease can beovercome. Fields of knowledge, experience and recreation open in the past only to a few have been thrown open to millions

A. Man is ungrateful in not recognising the blessings that science has showered on him as these include freedom from malnutrition, hunger and diseases. All the people are now able to enjoy the benefits of knowledge, experience and recreation.

B. Science has improved man's life by bringing within his reach the innumerable benefits that were the privilege of a select few.

C. No man can fail to thank science as it has thrown open knowledge, experience, and recreation to millions of people. It has eradicated malnutrition, hunger and diseases to be replaced with benefits and privileges.

D. We cannot count all the blessings that science has bestowed on man. There are many benefits and advantages like malnutrition, hunger and diseases. Knowledge recreation and experiences are now open to all

  1. A

  2. B

  3. C

  4. D


The correct option is B


The benefits derived from the progress of science is the main point. A is wrong because it makes an extreme statement that "man is ungrateful”. This is nowhere mentioned in the main passage C and D give more details than necessary - D is wrong as it says malnutrition, hunger etc. are benefits.

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