List all the different types of terrestrial habitats. [5 MARKS]


Types of terrestrial habitat: 1 Mark each

There are 5 terrestrial habitat types - Forests, grasslands, deserts, mountains and polar regions.

Forests are large areas covered with trees and plants. 
Organisms living in the forests depend upon abiotic factors like air, availability of water, temperature, sunlight etc. Wildlife in the forest include both plants and animals. All these organisms are interdependent on one and other.

Grasslands are mainly covered by long and thick grasses. Temperature ranges between -20oC and 30oC. Annual rainfall they receive varies between 50cm and 90cm. Animals like zebra, giraffe, lion, and elephant are prevalent.

Deserts are the areas that receive scanty rainfall. These are dry with sand covering the whole region. Deserts are mostly hot regions but some of them are even too cold regions. Temperatures are too high during daytime and too low during night time. Annual rainfall is less than 25 cm. Animals like camels, rattlesnakes, kangaroo rats are found in deserts.

Mountainous regions are rocky and dry. Sometimes water exists as flowing streams. The plants that grow here are conical and evergreen. There are also a lot of climbers that cover up entire trees. As the height of the mountain increases, temperatures fall. Winds are usually dry and cold. Animals like Yak, bear, hill goats, flying fox are some animals that live in a mountainous habitat.

Polar regions are covered with high snowy peaks. Animals found here have adapted by growing a thick furry coat on their skin. They also have a layer of fat under the skin. This fat is used as reserved food during ice-cold winter. Animals like polar bears, seals, foxes can be found here.

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