Match the following parameters of measurements of growth with their examples: i. Growth of pollen tube1. Weightii. Growth of a leaf2. Cell numberiii. Growth of a bacterial colony3.Lengthiv. Growth of a fruit4.Surface area
  1. i-2, ii-3, iii-4, iv-1
  2. i-4, ii-1, iii-3, iv-2
  3. i-3, ii-4, iii-2, iv-1
  4. i-2, ii-1, iii-4, iv-3


The correct option is C i-3, ii-4, iii-2, iv-1
Growth is defined as the irreversible increase in the size of an organ, its part, or an individual cell. Growth is a result of various metabolic processes happening inside a body or a cell. It occurs at an expense of some amount of energy. At the cellular level, the increase in the amount of protoplasm is defined as growth. However, it is an arduous task to measure this increase in protoplasm. Hence there are various parameters to measure this growth like weight, cell number, area, volume, length, etc. It depends on the specimen to be measured. For example, a single maize root apical meristem cell can proliferate to produce more than 17,500 new cells per hour. In this case, growth is measured as an increase in the number of cells. On the other hand, the size of cells in watermelon can increase by about 3,50,000 times and here the increase in the size of the cell is measured as growth. Some other examples are: i. Growth of pollen tubeLengthii. Growth of a leafSurface areaiii. Growth of a bacterial colonyCell numberiv. Growth of a fruitWeight

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