milkman mood middle refused policeman grocer wrestler ice-cream prayed

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1) Milkman: one who sells milk
Example sentences: 1) The milkman comes in the morning.
2) The milkman refused to give us milk.

2) Mood: state of mind
Example sentences: 1) I was not in a mood to talk to my sister.
2) Rakesh's mood was not good after the exam.

3) Middle: at the center of something
Example sentences: 1) It was raining during the middle of January.
2) The girls standing in the middle is very intelligent.

4) Refused: to reject
Example sentences: 1) He refused to come at my party.
2) Rajesh refused to take the gift.

5) Policeman: a member of police force
Example sentences: 1) The policeman was beating the murderer.
2) The policeman pointed a gun at me.

6) Grocer: one who sells food items
Example sentences: 1) The grocer was busy cleaning his shop.
2) The grocer increased the price of the products.

7) Wrestler: one who fights
Example sentences: 1) It was difficult to control the wrestler.
2) The wrestler won five medals in the last match.

8) Ice-cream: frozen dessert
Example sentences: 1) I had a chocolate ice-cream after the dinner.
2) The ice-cream parlour was closed on Monday.

9) Prayed: to thank God
Example sentences: 1) I prayed for better grades in my examination.
2) My mother prayed for my health.

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