Name three types of papillae. Which of the two bear taste buds? What is the role of the third type?

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  • The three types of papillae are:
    • fungiform (mushroom like)
    • filiform (filum - thread like)
    • circumvallate.
  • But generally 4 types
  • Fungiform papillae – as the name suggests, these are slightly mushroom-shaped if looked at in longitudinal section. These are present mostly at the apex (tip) of the tongue, as well as at the sides. Innervated by facial nerve.
  • Filiform papillae – these are thin, long papillae “V”-shaped cones that don’t contain taste buds but are the most numerous. These papillae are mechanical and not involved in gustation. They are characterized by increased keratinization.
  • Foliate papillae – these are ridges and grooves towards the posterior part of the roof of the mouth found on lateral margins. Innervated by facial nerve (anterior papillae) and glossopharyngeal nerve (posterior papillae).
  • Circumvallate papillae – there are only about 10 to 14 of these papillae on most people, and they are present at the back of the oral part of the tongue. They are arranged in a circular-shaped row just in front of the sulcus terminalis of the tongue. They are associated with ducts of Von Ebner’s glands, and are innervated by the glossopharyngeal nerve.
Taste buds
Contain in circumvaliate and foliate
[*Filiform papilae binds fodd product to tongue*]
They are found on the upper surface of the tongue, scattered amongst the circumvaliate and foliate but are mostly present on the tip and sides of the tongue. They have taste buds on their upper surface which can distinguish the five tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami.
The foliate papillae are involved in the sensations of taste and have taste buds embedded in their surfaces. The foliate papillae are clustered into two groups positioned on each side of the tongue, just in front of the V of the vallate papillae.
Numerous irregularities and mucosal bumps, known as tongue papillae, cover the dorsal surface of the anterior tongue region, all the way to the sulcus terminalis. There are four types of papillae, divided into: filiform, fungiform, circumvallate and foliated. ... However, filiform papillae do not have taste buds

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