Remembering that 1AD came immediately after 1BC, while solving these problems take 1BC as -1 and 1AD as +1.

A) The greeco - Roman era, when Greece and Rome ruled Egypt started in the year 330 BC and ended in the year 395 AD. How long did the era last?

B) Bhaskaracharya was born in the year 1114 AD and died in the year 1185 AD.what was his age when he died?

C) Turks ruled Egypt in the year 1517 AD and queen nefertis ruled Egypt about 2900 years before the Turks ruled. In what year did she ruled ?


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Dear student,

you just need a little basic knowledge to solve these questions .

for example we will explain question A in detail.

A way to solve the problem is to draw a number line. For example,


Put the started date on one side of 0, and the ended date on the other
side of 0. The total ruled era years is the length of the double-line segment
between 330 B.C. and 395A.D.

Moving from left to right, it takes 330 years to get to 0, and
395 more years to get from 0 to 395. Therefore, the ruled era must have
been 330+ 395 or 725years old.

Make a number line like this for your problem and see if you can
calculate the answer. Just remember to count years from left to right,
moving from the year B.C., through 0, to year A.D.

You can also use signed numbers to solve this problem. Assume that
0 divides the line into positive numbers (on the right of 0) and
negative numbers (on the left of 0). The year the kingdom started can
be written as -330, and the year kingdom ended can be written
as +395.

The distance between the two numbers can be found by subtraction. In
my example, the era would equal the difference between +395
and -330. This can be written as:

395 - (-330)

Simplifying the expression gives you 395+330 or 725, as before. Notice
that you should subtract the earlier date from
the later date.

Answer B
Both years are in AD

Life span =1185-1114

=71 years

Answer C
Turks ruled Egypt in the year 1517 AD and queen nefertis ruled Egypt about 2900 years before the Turks ruled.

As we go back word from AD1517 we first reach at 0 (remember the number line)

Then wants to go back further

= -1383

That means BC 1383

In BC 1383 queen nefertis ruled Egypt.

Hope you are satisfied


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