Respected sir/madam,
Actually it is a common querry, I mean not from the lesson.

When we sit in a same position for a long time,our legs get paralyzed.But when we sleep in a same position for a long time then,they do not get paralyzed.why?

If you say that we move and adjust ourselves(crawling) while sleeping,yes we move but not each and every second.Our legs get paralyzed just after 1 hour but we sleep for about 8 hours.I don't think so that we move constantly.

2.(sorry for not following the rule - it was rellated to this)why only our legs get paralyzed but not our hands and nor our head.
3.And even , none of our body parts get paralyzed when we meditate .Why? Is there any scientific process for this?If you can then please suggest me a video for it in youtube.

A small request, please do answer all questions.