Sample paper of life processes


Sample Paper     
Life Processes
1.  In human alimentary canal, name the site of complete digestion of various components of food. Explain the process of digestion. [CBSE (CCE) 2012]
2.  List in tabular form, three differences between arteries and veins. [CBS (CCE) 2012]
3.  List the three kinds of blood vessels of human circulatory system and write their functions in tabular form. [CBSE I CCE) 2012]
4.  (a)  "The breathing cycle is rhythmic whereas exchange of gases is a continuous process". Justify this statement.
      (b)  What happens if conducting tubes of circulatory system develops a leak? State in brief, how could this be avoided?
      (c)  How opening and closing of stomata takes place? [CBSE (CCE) 2011]
5.  Draw a diagram of the front view of human heart and label any six parts including at least two that are concerned with arterial blood supply to the heart muscles. [CBSE (CCE) 2011]
6.  Describe in brief the function of kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder and urethra. [Foreign 2010]
7.  Explain the process of breakdown of glucose in a cell
      (i)   in the presence of oxygen,
      (ii)  in the absence of oxygen. [HOTS,Foreign 2010]
8.  (i) Label any 4 parts in the given diagram.
      (h)  What are the two functions represented in this diagram?
[HOTS, CBSE Sample Paper 2009]
9.  What is double circulation in human beings? Why is it necessary?
[HOTS, NCERT, Delhi 2008C]
10.  (a)  Name two different ways in which glucose is oxidised to provide energy in various organism.
        (b)  Write any two differences between the two oxidation of glucose in organisms. [Al 2008]
11.  Write any three differences between aerobic and anaerobic respiration. [HOTS, NCERT Exemplar, NCERT, AI 2008]
12.  (a) Name the process by which autotrophs prepare town food.
        (b)  List the three events which occur during this process.
        (c)  State two sources from which plants obtain nitrogen for the synthesis of proteins and other compounds. [Foreign 2008]


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