Stephan was watching the movie 'Ice age'. He came across some of the characters who are extinct now. Which among the following characters are extinct?

  1. All (Dab, Jennifer, Manny)

  2. Manny (Woolly Mammoth)

  3. Dab (Dodo bird)

  4. Jennifer (Ground sloth)


The correct option is A

All (Dab, Jennifer, Manny)

Extinction can be defined as the end of the population of an organism or of a group of organisms or a certain species. Extinction takes place when the last individual of any species is dead and there is no chance for the reproduction of an animal of that species.
Dab (the head of dodo bird): The dodo birds lived in Mauritius in large numbers undisturbed for so long that it lost its need and ability to fly.It lived and nested on the ground and ate fruits that had fallen from the trees. After some time Dutch sailors came there and they started hunting dodo birds for their food. As a result of human exploitation, population of dodo bird significantly reduced and after few years dodo birds were extinct.
Jennifer (Ground sloth): The fast changes of climate and hunt for food killed most of the ground sloth.

Manny (Woolly Mammoth): Human intervention has played a major role in the extinction of woolly mammoth. The last known mammoths died out quickly towards the end of the last ice age. Diseases or humans may have wiped out the last mammoth; climatic changes probably did not.

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