Study the following information and answer the questions given below:

The premises of a bank are to be renovated. The renovation is in terms of flooring certain areas that are to be floored either with marble or wood. All rooms/halls and pantry are rectangular. The area to be renovated comprises of a hall for customer transaction measuring 23m × 29m, branch manager’s room measuring 13m × 17m, a pantry measuring 14m × 13m, a record  keeping cum server room measuring 21m × 13m and locker area measuring 29m × 21m. The total area of the bank is 2000 square meters. The cost of wooden flooring is 170/- per square meter and the cost of marble flooring is 190/- per square meter. The locker area, record keeping cum server room and pantry are to floored with marble. The branch manager’s room and the hall for customer transaction are to be floored with wood. No other area is to be renovated in terms of flooring.

If the four walls and ceiling of the branch managers room (The height of the room is 12 metres) are to be painted at the cost of Rs. 190/- per square metre, how much will be the total cost of renovation of the branch manager’s room including the cost of flooring?
  1. Rs. 1,36,800/-
  2. Rs. 1,78,790/-
  3. Rs. 2,11,940/-
  4. Rs. 2,16,660/-
  5. None of these


The correct option is E None of these
Area of four walls of branch manager's room
Area of ceiling of the branch manager's room =13×17=221sq.m
Total area of painting the branch manager's room 
cost for painting =941×190=Rs.178790
Cost of wooden flooring  of BM's room 
Total cost of renovation of BM's room

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