The passage suggests which of the following about global corporations?
  1. Their potential effect on the world market is a matter of ongoing concern to international institutions.
  2. Their continued growth depends on the existence of a fully integrated international market.
  3. They will have to assume quasi-governmental functions if current economic trends continue.
  4. Their influence on world economics will continue to increase.


The correct option is D Their influence on world economics will continue to increase.

Option (D).“They will foster integration in the two largest and richest markets of the world, as well as provoke questions about the future direction of the world trading system.” The author in the last line has stated that, regardless of the oppositions and the difficulties faced by the two blocs, they are sure to overcome those and increase their influence and existence in the global markets in the future ahead. When we have so many points to support the answer, it becomes necessary that we rule out the other factors that are not in close context with the discussion. In questions like these, it becomes essential that we quickly come to the best solution directly from the passage and hence save on time.

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