What is a tornado and how is it formed? What are some safety measures we can take to be safe from a tornado?  [5 MARKS]


Definition and formation: 2 Marks
Safety measures: 3 Marks

A rotating column of high-speed winds that appears as a dark funnel-shaped cloud reaching from the sky to the ground is called a tornado. A tornado may form within a cyclone. A tornado forms due to the effect of low pressure in the eye of a cyclone.
Objects near the base of a tornado, such as cars, dust, debris and even houses, are sucked into its funnel and thrown out at the top.

The various safety measures that can be undertaken to be safe from a tornado are:
1) We can build a tornado shelter, which is a room situated underground or in the interior of a building with no windows. If tornado shelter is not available, it is advisable to shut the windows and take shelter under a table. 
2) Pack an emergency kit that will meet the needs of you and your family for three days.
3) If caught in the open, lie flat in a nearby ditch or depression and cover your head with your hands to protect yourself from flying debris. Flying debris from tornadoes cause most fatalities and injuries.

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