What is the difference between disc brake and normal brake? How is it useful?


Normal Brakes :
- This brake has two brake linings and a circular hollow drum.
- Brake lining has a high coefficient of friction. 
- When the vehicle is moving, the lining stays still because it is attached to the body while the drum rotates as it is attached to the wheel hub. 
- Braking action is due to lining rubbing on the drum, gradually slow down the vehicle. 

Disc Brake :
- This consist of two friction pads and one disc with certain numberer of holes in it (only for cooling purpose).
- Disc pads works on Hydraulics, there is a small reservoir for that. 
- When brakes are applied, the hydraulic pressure is generated on pads, which move forward to rub on disc (this is 1 disc rubbing from 1 side, there is another disc rubbing from opposite side, thus equalizing forces). 
- Disc brakes are more effective then drum brakes. 

Advantages of Disc over Drum brakes:
a) Light weight
b) More effective in braking sense
c) Faster cooling (as disc is exposed to air, but linings are always inside drum)
d) Braking power stays almost same even after continues use
e) Less moving parts

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