Which of the given statement(s) is/are incorrect?
  1. Desertification has become a major problem due to increased urbanisation.
  2. Jhum cultivation refers to tribal method of shifting cultivation.
  3. In India there is of forest cover in urban and of forest cover in rural areas.
  4. Removal of forest areas to fulfil the needs of growing human population is called deforestation.


The correct option is C In India there is of forest cover in urban and of forest cover in rural areas.
Deforestation is the indiscriminate removal of trees or forest areas to fulfil the needs of the growing human population. Examples include the conversion of forestland to farms and ranches for urban use. One of the major reasons for deforestation is the conversion of forest to agricultural land so as to feed the growing human population. Trees are axed for timber, firewood, cattle ranching and for several other purposes. Slash and burn agriculture, commonly called as Jhum cultivation in the north-eastern states of India, has also contributed to deforestation in India. In slash and burn agriculture, farmers cut down the trees of the forest and burn the plant remains. The ash is used as a fertiliser and the land is then used for farming or cattle grazing. After cultivation, the area is left for several years so as to allow its recovery. The farmers then move on to other areas and repeat this process. Thus, Jhum cultivation is also referred to as the tribal method of shifting cultivation. Another major role of trees is that they canhelp in holding the soil together because of their massive root system. As trees are cut, these roots can no longer hold the soil together. When it rains, the fertile soil flows along with the water leading to soil erosion. Over time, the land would no longer be fertile, and this ultimately leads to desertification. Desertification is mostly caused due to urbanisation where more forest cover is lost as compared to rural areas.

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